22 September 2010

Mapping Stereotypes by alphadesigner

Great visualisation maps of Europe, check who are the Smelly People and also France for the Italians ;-)
Funny ! (but certainly true, and sad that the world is led by people who believe in stereotypes)
Mapping Stereotypes by alphadesigner

25 June 2010

I got it ! ... but a bit scared...

Yes I got the new iPhone4 since yesterday, and after queuing 1hour at lunchtime, which is not bad (considering I didn't go at 8:02 and I thought it would run out at 9)

but the big issue is :
- I called a few people and guess what ... I am left handed ! YES the calls dropped straight after and then I realised that the rumours were true (read more here http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/blog/2010/jun/25/iphone-reception-problems-solved )

And the second issue that I don't have is the Yellow stain at the bottom of the screen, but this one is a fix apparently, read more below.

AppleInsider - View Single Post - Some early iPhone 4 shipments have defective screens, missing bars

TIP: How to change Office licence keys when product failed to register

I had a problem for weeks:
The licence key I used to activate my office (2010 for me) did not activate successfully with MS and the option to change the key was not visible in the Help menus as supposed too.

And found the solution :
You can uninstall Office and re-install but I found this tool  which sort out my problem : it just removes the keys, so next time you open Office you can enter new key (and pray that they have not been activated too many times again)

(remove keys for Offixe XP, 2003, 2007 & 2010)

25 March 2010

Use your Macbook and Firefox to browse all with voice

I knew the existence of Mac SPEECH for a while, but never really played /or better say train myself/ with it.
I spend what .. 1 or 2 hours with it, and I can now do a LOT of things just with the voice, but I also thought that it would be much cooler to just browse the web and google all without a mouse, and here I found i, see link below.
It works really well (you need to install the Firefox plug-in "mouseless browsing" to use full capability of this tip.

Hack Attack: Make your Mac's Speech Recognition work for you - Clips - Lifehacker

05 October 2009

Microsoft Security Essentials suite, come on you are not inventing anything !

Microsoft Security Essentials: The Big Questions

Here is the description of the free software by MS Head of Security Clif Evans (CE) :

"Something we've focused on enormously is the idea that this is an install-and-forget program. It will sit there quietly, update without any fuss, and it's integrated with all the right technologies."

no .. really ? and Microsoft is going ot be the first to bring this to the market?

Have you head of MAC before ? IT fits exactly this definition, but for the past 20 years !

23 September 2009

Just realised .... Popfly is gone

not that I will miss it a lot, but I thought this site was rather innovative, and coming form Microsoft it was kind of a surprise, well.. now we know.
It didn't survived :-( a big boss at MS must have woken up and realise that it didn't make any money from it, so .. PopFly got fired .

Popfly Team Site - Windows Live: "Popfly Shutting Down"

06 June 2009

Expanding horizons: Time Machine Wireless Backup without Time Capsule

A few weeks ago , I purchased a hard-drive enclosure for an old HDD I had, which gives me the ability to
- have a wireless NAS storage disk on my home network
- download BitTorrent from the NAS without a computer
- access the drive via FTP
which is pretty good for £40 and re-using a 500Gb disk I had.

But knowing me ... I also wanted to use it as a Time Machine drive for my Mac. But discovered that Apple only lets Mac formatted drives to use Time Machine :-( and this one has to stay FAT if I want to use all the features of the enclosure. Damned !

Google-ing ... I found a solution last week and only managed to try it today, it works beautifully.
The point is :
- create a Time Machine "disk image" on your computer first, then move it to the drive and Time Machine will "think" that it is his drive and will do the backup like a charm.

So, following the blog below, here are is my simplified bullet points :
1) Get computer name : (in preferences) Manzana-iBook (without the ".local")

2) Get Ethernet id : (in preferences) (built-in ethernet, no Airport!) 00:1b:63:32:58:22

3) build the Time Machine disk image as : --> Manzana-iBook_ 001b63325822.sparsebundle

4) open Terminal and type
DISK_IMAGE_NAME="Manzana-iBook_ 001b63325822.sparsebundle"
hdiutil create -library SPUD -megabytes $DISK_SIZE -fs HFS+J -type SPARSEBUNDLE -volname "$DISK_IMAGE_NAME" "$DISK_IMAGE_NAME"

5) open Finder Home directory
Copy the directory (looks like a file)
Manzana-iBook_ 001b63325822.sparsebundle
to your disk share.

Thanks to ------------> Expanding horizons: Time Machine Wireless Backup without Time Capsule

19 May 2009


Attention Rice Queens: 1st Mr Gay Cambodia crowned. (Wins $50 and the
hearts of Phnom Penh.) http://tinyurl.com/p9ryse

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05 March 2009

Cool icons for sites


Development Icons

and free !
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16 February 2009

Xobni - improve your Outlook experience, using Social Networking

This is a killer : helps you to find information regarding contacts from emails, but also helps you see emails statistics per person, best time to call the contact, etc..
Looks great. Am installing it now !

Email Search Add in - Learn More - Xobni: "Introducing Xobni for Outlook"