29 June 2006

Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 - Presentation

This week I am looking at Sharepoint 2007 and specifically the Workflow part of this new version.

I have looked and developed a workflow for Sharepoint 2003 using an add-on product we have here called "Skelta Workflow Accelerator", but even though the product is quite easy to use we were having problem with Email and user authentication and our local IT guys seem to take ages to communicate with the editor so instead I am looking at 2007 and its built-in Workflow stuffs.

I am always against re-inventing the wheel, so if Sharepoint 2007 has built-in workflow (not like 2003) let's just not add a third part tool and just use the native features.

Hopefuly if I get this working I will be able to push the install of 2007 soon in my company!

To be continued about 2007 then ....

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