25 August 2006

A free Virtual Desktop switcher

Don't ask me why but this morning I wanted to find myself a nice "Desktop Switcher" : a small utility that can reside on your OS (windows for me) and allows you to organise your various applications opened in a few screens even if you don't have these screens.

I use 2 monitors to work and am very used to move one window to another one depending on what I do, but sometimes I need to actually get rid of a software that is taking too much space on my screen but without closing it. For instance, my Outlook client or Notes client. I don't use Notes when I am developing on Sharepoint but I still need to keep if opened as it may click to me an idea to do on Notes or I may receive a call to sort out and it's faster to keep the client opened.

I looked quickly at a few "Virtual Desktop" and installed 2 of them but they were all Shareware which means I can play for 15 days. It could be fine but they seemed to be quite bulky, taking too much memory or too complex to customised (I tried " Wisedesktop ") so I wasn't very happy with it.

Then I found " Dekpot " which -surprisingly- is free ! totally free for personal use.

So far I like it, it have the configured it so that I can use the Keyboard shortcuts Alt+1, Alt+2.. to switch between screen and also to display wht they call the "Desktop Manager" to click to switch between screen. I placed these icons on my second monitor and it look pretty.

Let's see if I get more organised !

PS: I still recommend to use it together with TaskSwitchXP

PPS: OK I confessed : I saw my collegue's Imac and a really nice animated task switcher and that's why I had to get mine too. Well not so animated yet.

Read more at www.dexpot.de/index.php...

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