17 January 2007

Interesting news on transport in London

Browsing thru the web about transports nuisance and similar subjects (like how to be a member of the "Alliance Against Urban 4x4s"), I found this



which tells you all the current projects of transport in London, specially interesting the BUS  section like :

-           the countdown that displayed the arrival time of bus will be replaced by GPS tracking (more precise) (2008)

-           that there are already 3 Hydrogen buses in London and 70 are planed for 2010

-           that the Vauxhall new bus station  doesn't power all electricity but 30% of the station thanks to its solar panels



-           did you know that the tube will run 30 minutes later on Friday and Saturday from May 2007 ?

-           air conditioning will be introduced on Metropolitan line in 2009 , then Circle, Disctrict and Hammersmith&city lines in 2013.

-           The other lines is a quasi-impossible project as they say "it would be prohibitively expensive", but following the £100,000 competition to find a solution (in 2003) London South Bank University is working with London Underground to use water to cool the air in these lines by 5 degres C. (pilote is being conducted in Victoria)

-           However nobody won the tube cooling competition since no solution amongst the 3500 responses were actually workable (!).

-           When the new shopping center "WestWay" will be ready a new Hammersmith & city line shepherd bush station will be constructed and renamed "Shepherd's Bush Market to avoid confusion with Shepherd's Bush central line station. The Shepherd Bush Central line station will be completely rebuilt to double the size



-           In my selfish interest the new Shepherd Bush new station will host a new train line "West London Line" to go from Willesden Junction to Clapham Junction which will allow us to go to Clapham and taste the nice trendy restaurants and bars in the summer.




-           yes .. trams are back in every city !

-           I won't list all the ones coming to London (9 in total) but the one I am interested  :

o         Shepherd bush (going from Uxbridge to Shepherd Bush (via Hayes, Ealing, Acton … )

o         The good thing is that the Tram being too large or long to go thru Ealing Broadway, the project is to stop all traffic in the Broadway except for London Transport, which is cool since all shopping area should be with no cars.



-           Amongst lots of improvement everywhere : OXFORD STREET to be "pedestrianised"  but this is still just a project, not been accepted yet, so no date.



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