04 January 2007

Take your Wikipedia database with you in the tube/metro.

Today I spoke to my collegue Steve abou Wikipedia, Wikimedia and the family tools
Like the news of this week by the creator of Wiki* of his project to create a WikiSearch-engine where the search results will be powered by users (see BBC News 02/01).
Steven showed me this site : Webaroo.
It's pretty cool.
I have a Pocket PC- WM5 HTC Wizard (distribute in the UK by O2 and others), I tried webaro and within minutes I was able to read off-line some Wikipedia database categories such as Computer-network, Pseudoscience or Nanotechnology for a few Mega-Octets stored in my SD-Card.


Get the power to search and browse unplugged ~ anywhere, anytime, without a connection. Perfect for a laptop, PDA, or a Smartphone, Webaroo enables fast access to web content of your choice. You can select from a collection of topic-specific Web Packs or add favorite websites to your Webaroo library.

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Technocrati said...

Hi, Webaroo has released a new version of our product - Webaroo 2. This version lets you download YouTube videos, Flickr photos and more... Check it out at http://my.webaroo.com
Vishy - VP, Engg - Webaroo