04 January 2007

What softwares I use on my Windows Media PDA/Phone

AS I was quickly blogging about Webaroo it occurs to me that I wasn't
sure of all the software I have installed on my PDA (which is also a
phone) and therefore not sure I would remember each one of them if I
ever have to re-install them after a full lost of the device or this
being dead one morning.

I should list below what I have installed and find useful occasionally
(meaning No I don't use it but you never know ... ;-)

* Magic button , which reproduce a Task-Barre at the top of the screen and really closes the
applications, not like the default behaviour of WM5, also gives me a
Battery gauge very useful. Is a freeware.

* PhoneAlarm : is a "profiling" tool which turns my PPC automatically into a quieter mode
when I arrive in the office in the morning, then into Silence when in
meeting and back to normal when I leave the office.

* SPB diary :
brings your to-do, calendar etc.. to the Home screen. Is not too
expensive and quite useful to have a global view and get organised.

* Resco Explorer : a great alternative to the default File Explorer. Allows me to browse my PDA
files in a windows explorer-like format

* Egress : version 2.4.2 was free (I didn't upgrade) it's RSS News reader, so
that I can download the BBC Headline and other site (even blogs) before
going in the train for offline reading.

* TCPMP : a great media file player (mp3, avi movies, divX...) I have converted a
few movies to fit my phone screen (and also to be smaller in size and
fit in my mini-SD card) so I can play movie while on the move.(happened
a few times in a plane)

* LingvoSoft Flashcard :
I decided to purchase some Portuguese flashcards and dictionary a few
months ago thinking it could help me learn a bit more vocabulary. Can't
say I have been using it that much, but occasionally (like in the toilet
when I am bored of working).

* Tomtom Navigator
(of course connected to my Bluetooth GPS)

* SPB Pocket Plus: I disabled all functionalities (since Magic button does it and is
smaller to run) and only kept the add-on for Internet Explorer Mobile so
that I can browse with multi-windows.

* Webaroo : off-line web sites, wiki...

* Skype : OK this doesn't look that good

but check this exemple I had this year : we were in a hotel in Bangkok,
the telephone communications were obviously a rip-off and we had to call
some family in Brazil. The Wireless use in the hotel was however quite
cheap so we used the wifi PPC to connect to Skype and call Brazil.

* Dweller :
is a kind-of database of other softwares for PPC. I use it only to
install/re-install Tetris and occasionally see if more software have
arrived in Dweller that I could install.

Other (not soft but services I use from my phone)

* Logmein.com : to connect to my work and
home machines from anywhere.

*new : means I haven't tested it enough to make sure I like it...

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