06 February 2007

iMax osX Tiger vs. Vista upgrade

I spent a very productive weekend, went to cinema twice and recommend "Notes on a scandal" with amazing actresses, went to chose a new bicycle for my partner, but more noticable is that on sunday afternoon I finally opened the box of our first Mac machine.
I know.. everyone around me don't understand how I manage to leave it 3 days in the box, but I thought in "PC Terms" : "if I open it I know that I am going to spend lots of time on it and all my weekend" so I waited after having done lots of other things.

First impression : the advertising campaign that Mac is showing at the moment is SO true ! you know the "Hello I am a Mac... Hello I am a PC ...".
To "configure" (as I thought) the iMac the first time we first cleared the desk that was occupy by a single desktop PC and managed to make space for both the flat screen of the PC + a small table on the left just for the massive UC on the left and the flat screen of the iMac all-in-one since the UC is integrated to the screen, on the right.


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