01 February 2007

Sharepoint : Modify the look and feel of Alert Notifications

Those guys are Combined-knowledge did a good job on writing a few White Papers that can be used as tutorial.
One that I found pretty useful today is : how to customise your user notifications to make it of the colours o your company for instance. Nice one guys !
May see you in the future for training or so ...

Modify the look and feel of Alert Notifications using AlertTemplates.xml

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Pentalogic said...

If you need to do more than cosmetic changes then have a quick look at our SharePoint Reminder software that allows you to setup highly customisable email alerts :-

* Conditional Alerts
* Date based reminders - i.e. "This task is now overdue"
* Email alerts at specific times, e.g. 7pm every day or the first Tuesday of the month
* Customisable subject and message that allow you to include fields from list