27 March 2007

A shout to Westminster who is considering charging for motorcycle parking — Parking for Bikes/Scooters

A friend mentioned to me that some councils may be thinking about charging the Congestion Charge for 2 wheels vehicles in London, in fact it's not true, they are (Westminster) considering charging Parking.
At first I was shocked to read this news, I now work in the west-end and finding a space for my scooter is a mission.
It's fine before 9am but if you happen to take your bike away in the middle of the day for just an hour and come back .. forget it ! The article says it clearly : the capacity of the Westminster bays is 120% occupied ! so where do you park yours ?

If they really put this parking charge in place I may even be inclined to pay for it and at least will not have to browser for a bike parking space for so long or .. will I ?
Wetminster really think that it is going to change anything by charging bikers ?
Do they think there will be less bikes in their council ... and more cars ?
This is so non sense, it's just a make-money excuse.
Instead of charging bikers the council should invest more to promote 2-wheels traffic in their council. This will ease the traffic jam.
but of course they don't want that.. because otherwise they don't get their cut on the Congestion Charge that the cars are paying!
What a shame !
Westminster considers charging for motorcycle parking — Parking for Bikes

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