02 September 2007

How to bypass the HP Cartridge Expiration Date ..

I am trying the 2 options described in this Blog as my HP OfficeJet 7130 has just told me this week that my black cartridge had "expired" (!) and will stop printing.
Check out this blogger who also talks about the LawSuit against HP, as obviously HP tried to force the end-user to change their cartridge even when the cartridge could still technically print.
CoCo: Cartridge Expiration Date Workarounds


Black Cartridge said...

I don,t know about technically about printer cartridge but you should get information about your printer compatibility.

Fran├žois said...

Printere manufacturer will always be on the side that you need to buy another cartridge, just have to try this tip about expired cartridge to realise that it worked.
Anyway, I don' t have that printer anymore but I am still against HP trying to make us pay more in cartridges than the printer itself.

Anonymous said...

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