28 November 2007

Are we not missing something in the news ? Internet Governance Forum

It seems that the "UN Internet Governance Forum" has passed almost un-noticed, I can't find much reports about it on general news site.

However this forum has decided some major actions for the future of the internet, such as dividing the governance of the DNS responsibility between the US and Europe, whereas it used to be managed only by VeriSign a US company. This meant that the management of domain name and public IP addressing was drawn only by VeriSign.
Part fo this shared ownership includes the RFID regulations which exists already in many devices at home and work via the EPC Electronic Product Code.

Some "regional branches" will be created and one of the first will open on 3rd of December in France. Having regional offices will give more power to each countries and states regarding what its public will want in term of activation or de-activation of the RFID chips.

I nicked an article from french journalist Jacques Attali from a french podcast here .

Check out this blogger who are attending the forum, giving presentations.

IGF Brazil 2007 :: Internet Governance Forum

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