25 March 2008

Garota Sem Fio : learn Brazilian Portguese by listening

Since I am learning Brazilian-Portuguese for about 2 years on and off I have realised now that even though my level is not good enough to have a great conversation outside of the necessity and politeness with my step-family, I have enough understanding to follow most subjects.
So I thought that the next step for me was to listen to radio or tv, as the same way I did years ago with English : being able to understand a BBC Radio1 show was a big accomplishment for me.
I love listenning to my little iPod Nano 4 Go (that I got for £18 only when I bought my MacBook) so I naturally searched for Podcast in Portuguese, but which one ? What kind of subjects will interest me enough to make me guess what they are talking about if I miss one or 2 words that are not in my portuguese personal vocabulary yet. By searching "portuguese and gadget" I stumbled upon this Podcast : Garota Sem Fio (translate : Wireless Girl) there you will find Bia Kune who will talk you through her latest discovery in terms of gadgets and mainly wireless techy geeky stuffs, her accent is not too strong for a learner like me and I love the way she says "memory flEsh" or Mac-he-book-he , say it with Brazilian style !

Long life to Garota Sem Fio site and podcast !

Garota Sem Fio :: A tecnologia móvel no dia-a-dia, por Bia Kunze

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