01 August 2008

when you release an international web site, try to run a bit of research !

2 ex-googlers (actualy one and her husband from IBM) created a Google-like search (but supposably better)
but the only problem is that they didn't think much about the name ..
"Cuil" or apparently it was even "Cuill" and was renamed when they realised the meaning in French,
but still Cuil is very close to .. "Couille".

So when you create great site, do a bit of semantic search or you end up with a site that in other language like french means "testicule" ,
So imagine the conversation in France if this site really is a success (which I doubt)
"oh, let go and search in my testicules if I can find a reference to what you just said "

Cuil and the Rumor of the French Testicle - AppScout

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