29 October 2008

Embracing OpenID for my Web identity

i was going to blog about the why & how I just moved my web identity to OpenID last week but reading this blog by Paul Stamatiou, it seems that we have the same understanding.

Same as Paul, I heard of OpenID a few years back but was not convinced (except by the Identity2.0 presentation that Dick Hardt did at the one, which was one of the best techy pres I watched (watch it here)),
Yes I have just decided last week that my time juggling with so many accounts and password s had to find a breaking point.
In fact I started installing the limited version of 1Password app on my Mac and then the free on my iPhone, which appeared to do just what I wanted :
- simplify my logins/passwords management
- make my passwords more secured
- give me a central point to access my sites without bothering to enter the credentials
only problem : they only have this product for Mac (and iPhone) :-(

So I started looking at the possibility of using a third part online service provider to manage my security, and started thinking "is this really safe to do that?"
1Password had an online version of their application but only by invitation and they announced a few days ago not to continue this service and turn it off soon.

OpenID came back on my browser as a good answer and more secure way to manage my identity.
Yes OpenID is here to stay and its simplicity actually strikes me.

I use http://myvidoop.com for my own OpenID, but I just created another one at ClickPass which is linked to your own OpenID, so having multiple OpenID provider, multiple OpenID, multiple identities is totally fine... as long as you don't create one per site you want to remember the login/password ;-)

Have fun with OpenID, the future of login/password.

Embracing OpenID - PaulStamatiou.com: "OpenID"

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