02 December 2008

There Are Two Phones In this World: iPhone and Not iPhone

I SOOOOOOO agree with this post, I am exactly the same as Louis Gray, I have used Nokia, Panasonic, Philips, Siemmens, Palm, BlackBerry, Psion, Windows Mobile and more than I can remember but this... this iPhone is just the one I want to have all the time, day and night.
I listen to Podcast on my scooter on my way to work, if I take the tube I watch movies, at work I listen to music on Last.fm.
It fits in my pocket so that I can quickly grab it when I leave my desk (you never know may be I can spare 5 minutes in the gents to play something.. or check my facebook at the coffee machine...).
It's a pure beauty. I know for some people it sounds a bit weird to be close to in love with a device, I even laugh at people who used to call it "my Jesus Phone" when iPhone 3G was released and they queued to get their own, but yes after a few days with mine I am conquered!
Now the proble is that more and more people have one, and you don't feel so special anymore, but then you can share apps and enlight them with a new world that is opening to them.

louisgray.com: There Are Two Phones In this World: iPhone and Not iPhone: "It's iPhone or No Phone"

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