06 June 2009

Expanding horizons: Time Machine Wireless Backup without Time Capsule

A few weeks ago , I purchased a hard-drive enclosure for an old HDD I had, which gives me the ability to
- have a wireless NAS storage disk on my home network
- download BitTorrent from the NAS without a computer
- access the drive via FTP
which is pretty good for £40 and re-using a 500Gb disk I had.

But knowing me ... I also wanted to use it as a Time Machine drive for my Mac. But discovered that Apple only lets Mac formatted drives to use Time Machine :-( and this one has to stay FAT if I want to use all the features of the enclosure. Damned !

Google-ing ... I found a solution last week and only managed to try it today, it works beautifully.
The point is :
- create a Time Machine "disk image" on your computer first, then move it to the drive and Time Machine will "think" that it is his drive and will do the backup like a charm.

So, following the blog below, here are is my simplified bullet points :
1) Get computer name : (in preferences) Manzana-iBook (without the ".local")

2) Get Ethernet id : (in preferences) (built-in ethernet, no Airport!) 00:1b:63:32:58:22

3) build the Time Machine disk image as : --> Manzana-iBook_ 001b63325822.sparsebundle

4) open Terminal and type
DISK_IMAGE_NAME="Manzana-iBook_ 001b63325822.sparsebundle"
hdiutil create -library SPUD -megabytes $DISK_SIZE -fs HFS+J -type SPARSEBUNDLE -volname "$DISK_IMAGE_NAME" "$DISK_IMAGE_NAME"

5) open Finder Home directory
Copy the directory (looks like a file)
Manzana-iBook_ 001b63325822.sparsebundle
to your disk share.

Thanks to ------------> Expanding horizons: Time Machine Wireless Backup without Time Capsule

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