25 June 2010

I got it ! ... but a bit scared...

Yes I got the new iPhone4 since yesterday, and after queuing 1hour at lunchtime, which is not bad (considering I didn't go at 8:02 and I thought it would run out at 9)

but the big issue is :
- I called a few people and guess what ... I am left handed ! YES the calls dropped straight after and then I realised that the rumours were true (read more here http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/blog/2010/jun/25/iphone-reception-problems-solved )

And the second issue that I don't have is the Yellow stain at the bottom of the screen, but this one is a fix apparently, read more below.

AppleInsider - View Single Post - Some early iPhone 4 shipments have defective screens, missing bars

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